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Nestled in the heart of Providence, RI, 'Kaza Maza Restaurant' is an enchanting haven of Middle Eastern gastronomy, living true to its slogan, the "Magic of Middle Eastern Food". The moment you step inside, the captivating aroma of spices like cumin, coriander, and sumac transport you to a bustling marketplace in an ancient city. From the succulent, char-grilled kebabs to the warm, pillowy pita served with a creamy hummus, each dish embodies the diverse culinary traditions of the Middle East. Using the freshest ingredients, Kaza Maza creates a spellbinding experience, where every mouthful tells a rich, flavorful story. Immerse yourself in the 'Kaza Maza Restaurant', a culinary carpet ride that whisks you away on an enchanting journey through the heart of Middle Eastern cuisine.

Kaza Maza Restaurant

146 Waterman Ave

Providence, RI 02911

Call or Text: (401) 300 - 0336

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